We believe in better cocktails.

Cocktails that are better tasting, made from better ingredients, that are better for you. We prepare our line of drinks using five-times distilled vodka and premium tequila both made in a continuous column still.

We mix all-natural herbs like mint and basil, fresh fruit juices, and a splash of organic agave nectar to create craft cocktails with a crisp finish that are full bodied, well balanced and naturally low-calorie .

Like the city that inspired them, Austin Cocktails are creative, authentic and full of natural flavor.

Drink better.


Jill Burns and Kelly Gasink

Austin Cocktails is family-owned by independently accomplished entrepreneurs and sisters, Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns. Growing up, Jill and Kelly spent their summers on their grandparents’ farm plucking most of the fruit and vegetables they ate from the backyard garden. Across these formative years, they developed a working knowledge of the land and the roles that precipitation, seasons, soils, groundwater and location play in producing beautiful, fresh ingredients. In addition to providing them with a love of land, their grandparents also would play an indispensable role in cultivating their love of cocktails. Their farmer grandfather, Fred, established an inviolable tradition of dropping everything at 5:30 on summer evenings for “Cocktail Time.” Children would get Shirley Temples, adults would make their favorite cocktails, and everyone simply would be idle together. While they wouldn’t appreciate their grandfather's hard-won wisdom for years to come, cocktail time honored the fact that, amidst most ups and downs people may find themselves in, everyone can and needs to make time for a little joy and connection. This treasured tradition would inspire a 30+ year appreciation for cocktails and the moments they can create.

Jill and Kelly come to Austin Cocktails with previous beverage experience, business acumen and highly successful entrepreneurial backgrounds. Jill gained ground floor drink development experience working with a beverage company that was bought by Post Holdings. Importantly, Jill understood where big companies cut corners in drink development and knew that patiently looking for the finest ingredients grown in various soils and temperatures was the cornerstone of creating superior drinks. She also knew that innovations were making the time ripe for the development of something craft in this space.  Jill brings a wealth of experience in marketing and PR which she developed working for legendary sports agent, Leigh Steinberg, and later at her own firm. Jill graduated from Santa Clara University where she played on the golf team. While Jill primarily manages the consumer marketing side, Kelly manages distributor and retailer strategies and oversees corporate finance. As a co-founder of three successful start-up businesses, two of which were sold to publicly traded companies, Kelly leverages her extensive experience growing sales and overseeing channel development. Kelly manages the needs and interests of numerous supply chain members starting with ingredient suppliers, bottlers, distibutors, retailers and every other entity involved linking Austin Cocktails, ultimately, to the retail floor manager.  Kelly received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Stanford and her graduate degree from Harvard and was named one of The Wall Street Journal’s “Faces of a New Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs.” 

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