Naturally low calorie

Cucumber Vodka Mojito
5X Distilled Vodka + Natural Cucumber + Natural Mint + Natural Lime + Organic Agave Nectar

Inspired by a family country garden, the Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito has a just plucked-from-the-patch taste.  For the Cucumber Vodka Mojito, Austin Cocktails found a type of mint that retains its natural flavor and leafy oils, so drinkers will never experience that phony mint aftertaste common in mouthwash and gum.  The cucumber delivers the tastes not just from the juice of the fleshy inside, but also from the grassiness of the rind.  Preserving the entirety of cucumber flavor exactly as comes from the ground provides the cocktail with an earthy finish, while the juices and essential oil notes from the lime give the cocktail a bright, citrusy kick.  Organic agave nectar melts into the crisp vodka for a smooth finish.

Tea Twister Cocktail
5X Distilled Vodka + Real Tea + Natural Lemon + Organic Agave Nectar

While most tea consumed in the U.S. originates from Argentina, the tea in the Austin Cocktails Tea Twister was grown in the high-altitude, volcanic soil of Kenya. These harvest conditions produce a naturally sweeter and bolder tea, which means Austin Cocktails didn’t need to add a lot of sugar or textures to the drink.  Instead, they added fresh, natural lemon and a hint of golden, organic agave nectar, layering in tea aromatics to make the flavor pop.  The bold character of each individual ingredient in the Tea Twister helps strike a balanced push-pull between sweet and tart.  This extremely hard to achieve harmony among tea, citrus and sweet creates a smooth and crisp finish that appeals to the most discerning tea drinkers and even the most passionate non-tea drinkers.

Paradise Found Cocktail
5X Distilled Vodka + Natural Coconut Water + Stone and Citrus Fruits + Natural Basil + Organic Agave Nectar

Austin Cocktails made Paradise Found upon discovering all natural coconut water developed from perfectly ripened coconuts.  In contrast to the prevalent coconut water created from boosted, unripe coconuts, Paradise Found uses pristine coconut water that softens the bite of alcohol while also opening up the other flavor-imparting ingredients in a way that boosted coconut water can't.  To give the drink a hint of tropical, natural stone fruits are layered into the five-times distilled vodka.  The juices and the essential oil notes of lemons and limes are added for citrusy accents, followed by basil that gives the cocktail an earthiness that tastes fresh from the vine.  To top it offf, the golden, organic agave swirls all the natural ingredients together and adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Bergamot Orange Margarita
Premium Tequila + Natural Bergamot Orange + Austin Cocktails Natural Triple Sec + Natural Lime + Organic Agave Nectar

Most people have a reference point for how a top-shelf margarita should taste, and Austin Cocktails decided they would not bring one to market until they made something extraordinary.  Across three years of flavor exploration, the breakthrough came upon discovering the extraordinarily unique bergamot orange.  This winter-grown, Italian orange is more sour than sweet and interacts with the tequila in the most sophisticated of ways.  The natural bergamot orange preserves the deep taste of the tequila, but perfectly softens its most pucker-inducing layer.  To keep both the taste and body from getting weighed down by sweet ingredients, Austin Cocktails created its own natural triple sec withdramatically less sugar.  To round out the cocktail just a touch, Austin Cocktails upgraded to an exotic lime with less bite than the traditional Persian lime.  Think smoother essential oils from the rind and bright citrus balancing the smokiness of the tequila.  Organic, golden agave gives the cocktail just the right amount of body.  Rather than taking the margarita in a wholly different, flavored direction, the bergamot orange provides slightly more complex accents to the orange notes inherent to the classic margarita, while the brighter citrus and lower sugar produce a cleaner, smoother finish.

Fred's Ruby Red Cocktail
5X Distilled Vodka + Natural Grapefruit + Natural Lime + Natural Mint + Organic Agave Nectar

Fred’s Ruby Red is an ode to our Grandpa Fred--a down-to-earth farmer with a contagious, effervescent charm.  It was our Grandpa Fred who instilled the inviolable family tradition of “cocktail time” on every summer evening at 5:30.  Kids got Shirley Temples and adults got something a little stiffer.   Though we couldn’t appreciate his hard-won wisdom for decades to come, Fred was teaching us that amidst most moments in life, we can and need to make time for a little joy and connection.  Cocktail time would inspire our love of cocktails and, just as equally, the moments they create.

We took Grandpa Fred’s appreciation for the bounties of the land and set out to craft a cocktail that showcases the finest and brightest ingredients. The mixture of luscious, aromatic, red grapefruit, juicy lime, and crisp mint creates a bold cocktail tamed only by a light touch of organic agave.  It is a perfect nod to our grandfather who had the brightest personality and quietest wisdom.  To Grandpa Fred, the good things in life weren’t things, they were moments.