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General Questions

Austin Cocktails is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Like many independent, craft alcohol companies, we batch and bottle our cocktails at co-packing facilities. That’s industry speak for a facility that provides space for mixing all of our ingredients together and bottling lines for us to fill our bottles, label them, and cap them. The equipment required for batching and bottling is prohibitively expensive for 99.99999% of young beverage companies, but co-packers make it possible to bring a new product or concept to market. Because of this, co-packers drive a huge majority of worldwide beverage innovation and are the unsung heroes of the craft movement. Thanks partly to innovation migrating outside of R&D labs of mass companies to smaller companies, there is a co-packer equivalent for almost every industry you can imagine.

Unfortunately, there are a number of state laws that make it prohibitive to use a Texas based co-packer, and you may have heard its not a good idea to mess with Texas. Because of TX alcohol laws, we currently batch our cocktails in facilities located in New York and Kentucky.  We are in the exploratory stages of opening our own facility in Austin. If you have an extra high-speed bottling line and a few batch tanks you are not using—call us!

We have two sizes. Our biggest size is 750 ml, which is the same size as a bottle of wine. Our 750 ml bottle contains 6.3 cocktails. We also have a 200 ml offering, which is the equivalent of 1.5 cocktails. If you are wondering how big a cocktail serving is, there is the same amount of alcohol in a 4-ounce cocktail, 5-ounce glass of wine and 12-ounce can of beer.

Our ABV is 15% (30 proof).

Our cocktails are not certified gluten-free.

We use golden organic agave to sweeten our cocktails.  Our other ingredients are natural, but not organic. Taste profiles of many organic ingredients can change over time, and we found this can adversely affect the balance and structure of our drinks.

In select states, you are able to buy Austin Cocktails online.  Check out our Where to Buy page to find an online retailer near you.

Austin Cocktails is family-owned and certified by WBENC as women-owned.  The co-founders are sisters.

No. Our cocktails are sweetened with just a touch of premium, organic agave.

We will have updated nuitritionals available for all cocktails in mid-October.

We do not sponsor personal parties due to the number of requests we receive.  We are happy to answer any questions about purchasing large quantities for events.

We support a select number charities, and you can find a link to submit a request here

Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia

We offer internships periodically.  Email your resume and interests to, and we will let you know what we have available.

Texas and Georgia—RNDC

California—Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits

Illinois—Breakthru Beverage

Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut—Opici

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