Our Story

Who’s Fred, you might ask?

Well, he was our grandfather. Our beliefs about the importance of friends and family, about doing things the right way, and about letting our hair down once in a while stemmed from him. Fred is the tree, and we’re the apples who fell from it.

A bit about Fred. He was a farmer who came of age in the 1940s. All four of his kids worked as soon as their feet could touch the pedals of the farm equipment. One day, when our mother was tired and wouldn’t get out of bed, he carried a skunk inside, laid it on her bed, and told her it was a kitten. That’s what you got if you weren’t up for hard work.

No matter how much work had to be done, Grandpa Fred always kept on the sunny side. And because he knew what mattered most, he always made time for his friends and family.

As he got older… well, something incredible happened.

Fred was a true original, and, of his many hobbies, he particularly enjoyed tinkering in his kitchen and experimenting with different kinds of homemade cocktails as a way to unwind following a day in the fields. He soon noticed that others seemed to like these concoctions too.

So, ever the enterpriser, Fred decided he’d start a tradition.  At 5:00 o’clock sharp on summer nights (or fall, winter or spring nights, for that matter), it was “stop what you’re doing, c’mon over, and raise a glass together.” These cocktails and the moments and memories they inspired were the ties that bound us. We called this tradition “Cocktail Time.”

He played hard ‘til the end, hunting, fishing and even taking up golf.  He never did quite take to traditional golf shoes though!

When he was near the end, we asked what he was thinking about.  He responded instantly, “All the good things in life.”   We knew the “good things” weren’t “things,” but memories and moments of joy and connection.  

Our mission is to carry out Fred’s traditions and values–the humor, graciousness, and hospitality that he showed to his family and friends. And, most importantly, we want to carry on his legacy of crafted cocktails. Fred was a genuine original, and the space for joy and connection created by cocktail time taught us to see ourselves as originals too.

#CocktailTime #BeOriginal

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