Sparkling Cucumber Vodka Mojito

Sparkling Cucumber Vodka Mojito

5X-Distilled Vodka + Natural Cucumber + Natural Mint + Natural Lime + Seltzer Water + Organic Agave Nectar

Austin Cocktails’ Sparkling Cucumber Vodka Mojito has a just plucked-from-the-patch taste, combining 5x-distilled corn-based vodka, natural cucumber, juicy lime, natural mint, organic agave nectar and a splash of seltzer water. Preserving the entirety of cucumber flavor exactly as it comes from the ground provides the cocktail with an earthy finish, while the juices and essential oil notes from the lime give the cocktail a bright, citrusy kick. This fun-sized vodka cocktail is an easy crowd pleaser, ready-to-drink & perfect for any on the go occasion. Refreshing, clean, complex flavor with an effervescent twist! Nothing artificial, low carb & naturally low calorie as an added bonus. 12.5% ABV


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