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Our “Not Sweet” Sweetener

We are constantly asked if our drinks taste sweet.  We immediately reply, “Absolutely not!” After people taste the cocktails, the next question we are usually asked is, “How do you create cocktails that are so crisp and clean?” That answer is a little longer. Big picture, we think of sugar and syrups as “bartender’s ketchup.” We work hard to get our natural ingredients to create the primary crisp and clean structure of the drink, so only a very small amount of sweetener is required. We meticulously surveyed the available sweetening options trying every combination of sugar sources–regular sugar, organic sugar, monk fruit, stevia, sucralose and more–and eventually arrived at organic agave. Using a small amount of golden, organic agave nectar provides a light, natural sweetness that is not overly sugary, syrupy or artificial tasting. Rather than a sweetener weighing down a drink or masking imbalances, our golden, organic agave enables the ingredients in the cocktail to impart body, flavor and balance just as premium, craft cocktails should.

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